CFHL General Training

Connecting the Dots Basics (Spring 2024)

Welcome to the virtual Connecting the Dots-Basics Training! This course is designed for newer staff to gain the 'big picture" of the CFHL program. This course will provide the what and the why of the different administrative and programmatic aspects, introduce foundational concepts embedded in CFHL, and help you build the basic knowledge and vocabulary to feel comfortable in your programs.
  • Section 0 - Welcome and Introductions - 20m
  • Participant Registration Survey - Start Here!
  • Welcome and Course Overview Video (7m)
  • Course Syllabus
  • Zoom Registration and Join Instructions
  • Zoom Session A- 5/9/24 10 a.m. - Register and Join Here!
  • Zoom Session B- 5/23/24 10 a.m. - Register and Join Here!
  • Optional Demo - How to Use Talent LMS (5m)
  • Submit Questions
  • Section A - Available 4/22/24 - 60m
  • Section A Overview
  • USDA and FNS Overview (3m)
  • CalFresh Healthy Living Overview (4m)
  • State Implementing Agency (SIA) Introductions
  • California Department of Public Health (CDPH) Introduction (2m)
  • California Department of Aging (CDA) Introduction (2m)
  • Catholic Charities of California (CCC) Introduction (2m)
  • CalFresh Healthy Living, University of California (CFHL,UC) Introduction (2m)
  • Knowledge Check: Funding Stream
  • SNAP-Ed and CFHL Foundational Models
  • Social Ecological Model (SEM) Overview (7m)
  • SNAP-Ed Evaluation Framework Overview (7m)
  • Refection: Multi-Level Approach
  • Knowledge Check: Section A
  • Connecting the Dots - Section A Recap (1m)
  • Submit Questions - Section A
  • Section B - Available 5/13/24 - 60m
  • Section B Overview
  • Live Session Survey
  • Site List Overview (8m)
  • Assessment Overview (6m)
  • Activity: County Profile Exploration
  • What is the Integrated Work Plan (IWP)? (4m)
  • Activity: FFY 24-26 IWP Blueprint Packet Scavenger Hunt
  • Using our CFHL Funds Responsibly (3m)
  • Program Evaluation And Reporting System (PEARS) (3m)
  • A Healthy Community for the Green Family (6m)
  • Knowledge Check: Section B
  • Connecting the Dots - Section B Recap (1m)
  • Submit Questions - Section B
  • Zoom Recordings
  • Zoom Recording: Live Session 1 5/9/24 (90m)
  • Optional Resources
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed
  • Leads to a certificate with a duration: Forever